Altliae x Design Bank 3D Printed Jewelry

LIMITED EDITION 2016: 3-D Printed jewelry, starting at $25

ALTLIAE 3d printed pendants are available now! Pick them up from the Design Bank Makershop Holiday Pop-up Shop on Mass Ave (877 Mass Ave., Indianapolis, IN) or order on-line and have them shipped to you!


TOP ROW: Choose from 3 different limited edition 3d printed pendants, each one ready-to-wear on a silverplate chain! All are designed and signed by ALTLIAE, and each one is 3D printed locally at the Design Bank using wood bamboo pla or a pla color of your choice!

BOTTOM ROW: Here's a sampling of ready-to-wear, ready-to-ship pendants on unique necklaces! See more in the ALTLIAE etsy shop!

ABOVE: An example of One-of-a-kind necklaces that will be released during the months of November and December. Each necklace is signed and numbered. Each features the 3d printed pendants embellished by a variety of materials, including: semi-precious cabachons, a mix of glass, semi-precious stone and handmade clay beads, and copper or sterling and plated silver chain and beads, depending on whether the 3D printed piece is printed in wood bamboo, copper or other precious metals. Each necklace comes with a toggle clasp. (Individually priced, from $70 up)

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